Dual Career Orientation and Guidance

Getting acquainted

At the moment I work as a (dual) career counsellor and a talentcoach at a topsport talent school for secundary education in the south of Holland.


I am involved in transition projects higher education and regurlarly work as a counsellor, consultant, trainer or consultant in the private sector.


Sometimes I freelance in top- or elite sports guidance. Individual (dual) career coaching or working on a team analysis is mostly the service they ask for. As a freelance consultant- careercounsellor I team up with my partner Marlou van Mulken Training.


Type Profiling 


ACTION TYPE Academy Netherlands

REISS Profile Benelux 

 Golden Personality Type

JTI Topsport Talent Coaching Papendal Netherlands


MBTI  AMA Tilburg HRM Psycho Diagnostics


Collaboration with

2018 - present
Watersley Sport & Talent Park Sittard Netherlands
Total Movement Elite sport coaching Sittard Netherlands

2017 - present
Medi-Sport Geleen

2015 - present
Career Company Topfootball - Talent Coaching Germany - Simon Rolfes Ex Bayer Leverkusen-



2018                 FC Den Bosch football

2014-2015     National Team handbal
2014-2015     FC Oss football

2013-2015     Handbalacademy Men
2012-2014     Fortuna Sittard football


Trainer/coach Football

KNVB UEFA C-Licence youth



HKLS Tilburg Bachelor
Applied Scientist in Behavioural
Analysis (HRM, Talentcoaching, Agogiek) and          Careerguidance

I finished my bachelor study in Behavioural analyses & Career counseling in 1996 in Tilburg, Netherlands in combination with a job working part time for a company in careercounseling. I majored in career guidance consultancy for youth.


I spend a lot of time in football so it is probably also interesting to know that I have a UEFA TC3 youth (Trainer-Coach 3 in football) diploma since 2012 - KNVB Netherlands. 

Study & Sport Career Guidance

  Career Orientation and Guidance


Study & (Dual) Career Guidance

Education & High Performance Sport


Secondary & Higher Education


(Young) High Potential Athletes

Individual and Team Profiles



Tutors, Teachers
Coaches, Trainers


Thank you for visiting my website. Here you will get an impression of what my work is all about in education and high performance sport.


I am a registered BKR career counsellor since 1996. A registered counsellor in the Netherlands distinguishes him or herself from other counsellors or advisers because of their expertise in psycho diagnostics: working with professional tests, assessments and questionnaires. Understanding, analysing and coaching behaviour with the help of psychodiagnostic tools.


A specific expertise I bring into the field is analysing aptitudes, learning strategies and motor behaviour and connecting the results in an individual career - or talent profile.


Sometimes I work for clubs where I am seen as an expert member of the trainer staff. I will provide the staff with personal (motor) profiles after individual one-on-one psycho diagnostic assessments.

Many times I work for individual talented athletes who struggle finding balance in their dual career.


While working with junior and senior athletes in helping them achieve the next level in their career I explored the possibilities of using physical assessments besides the verbal aptitude testing, questionnaires and in depth interviews. I allready have a degree in psycho diagnostics and now I also have an international  license in testing and profiling the body. 


Working with athletes, who are trying to find balance in their dual careers, raised awareness for other talented young people for example in performing arts.


 On team level
Sportscoaches and trainers ask me to profile their talented athletes. A personal profile is used to make athletes more aware of their potential but also their weaknesses. These profiles help to improve the quality of communication between athlete and trainer/coach. AND .. with teamprofiles it is easier to understand the strength of the team or of different team setups. Different gamestrategies will emerge because of the insights in teamstrenght.

Getting to the top Goals / Profit

Getting to the top, make the right careersteps, get through school and study and be valued for who you are. Find your passion, be in your element as a high achiever in study, work, arts, sport or what ever gets your attention.

  • to recognise and use your talent, abilities, skills and type-characteristics 
  • to recognise your learning functions in your learning strategy (linked to your motor profile, learning capacity and specific aptitudes)
  • to communicate open, be selfconfident and optimistically about yourself in contact with parents, teachers, tutors, trainers, coaches, student student colleagues, team members, work colleagues and employers
  • to be selfregulative


Ik ben sinds 1996 ingeschreven in het Register BKA, het kwaliteitsregister voor erkende loopbaanadviseurs.
Ik ben sinds 1996 ingeschreven in het Register BKA, het kwaliteitsregister voor erkende loopbaanadviseurs.

Samen met Wiel Coerver demo soccerskills 2010. Wie is Wiel Coerver? Klik hier


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